Why I designed a website the way I did.

Why I designed a website the way I did.
This is the process I use to initiate a website.
I listen to the customer and then ask them questions to help guide them towards understanding the process of designing a website.

Together we create a site map of all of the items we want to include in the website. This is an essential step in the process and helps the client and their customers to navigate easier in the website. At this point, we also decide the type of technology that will be implemented and how it is going to be used within the website. Some examples would be CMS, Javascript or a special code to generate a specific function, like a calendar or a form.

Using the information I have gathered, I start working in Photoshop (or foundation) designing mock-ups to determine the look and feel of the site. I always keep the target audience in mind when choosing the key elements such as logos, tag lines, images, and color schemes.

In some cases, like legal services businesses or financial institutions, certain limitations occur when designing a website and can limit you and/or be a determining factor of your overall design.

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