Why I designed a website the way I did.

Why I designed a website the way I did.
This is the process I use to initiate a website.
I listen to the customer and then ask them questions to help guide them towards understanding the process of designing a website.

Together we create a site map of all of the items we want to include in the website. This is an essential step in the process and helps the client and their customers to navigate easier in the website. At this point, we also decide the type of technology that will be implemented and how it is going to be used within the website. Some examples would be CMS, Javascript or a special code to generate a specific function, like a calendar or a form.

Using the information I have gathered, I start working in Photoshop (or foundation) designing mock-ups to determine the look and feel of the site. I always keep the target audience in mind when choosing the key elements such as logos, tag lines, images, and color schemes.

In some cases, like legal services businesses or financial institutions, certain limitations occur when designing a website and can limit you and/or be a determining factor of your overall design.

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The Bank of San Jacinto County

What Is A Real Community Bank?

A Real Community Bank is locally owned. Managed and staffed by people you know and trust. Dedicated to the overall strength of our community. Beyond that, A Real Community Bank makes loan decisions locally.


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We favor concepts that capitalize on local strengths. We believe our community is the best place we could ever find to conduct our business as bankers. And, we trust that our ability to help your business and family grow stand as proof of a community-based friendship no other institution can provide.


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First Bank

First Bank was founded in 1985 with community minded values and a strong emphasis on customer service. Almost thirty years later we are proud to hold true to our friendly service and uphold the highest standards of customer care through personal attention.   

We believe that our customers and our communities really value that extra service and commitment. We offer a unique quality of care and are proud to provide personal service and expertise for each one of our banking customers.  Our goal is to make your banking easy.

Starting with one location in 1985, First Bank now operates branch locations throughout Montgomery County, including Conroe, Montgomery, Willis, Cut and Shoot and the 1488/Magnolia area. Our newest location is in Huntsville and The Woodlands branch should open for business in mid 2013.


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Over the years First Bank has been unwavering in our commitment to the community in several ways aside from banking. The bank has been highly involved with the Montgomery County Fair Association for over twenty-five years continuing to serve annually as a major sponsor; annually we participate in many scholarship functions both financially and with volunteer hours. First Bank is deeply committed to the youth of the community and supports various schools’ academic, athletic and extra-curricular activities. Our award winning Junior Board of Directors program is comprised of senior students representing Conroe, Montgomery, Willis, Caney Creek High, and Covenant Christian Schools. First Bank contributes to many community charitable and service organizations. We believe in putting time and money back into the communities we serve, partnering to build and maintain a foundation of strength and community for those of us who live, work and raise families here.


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Independent bank rating firms such as BauerFinancial Inc. and Bankrate.com consistently award First Bank with a five star rating in terms of our strength and stability. We’re very proud to say that First Bank is among the strongest banks in the nation.

Sam Baker – President/CEO